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Atlantic is a full service telecom and utility infrastructure firm.  Below is a offering of the many services Atlantic can provide for your project, whether on a standalone basis or a turnkey solution.

Wireless Site Acquisition


  • Locate primary and backup candidates within the provided search area.  Search areas are generally scrubbed using our proprietary database and mapping systems within 24 hours of search area issuance, and driven within 48-96 hours.


  • Completed site candidate information packages, either on your form, or ours, and search area summary memo are generally completed shortly thereafter.


  • Coordination of the site design visit with the A&E firm, RF engineers, and construction managers.


  • Coordination of title abstract or title insurance policies.


  • Negotiate and secure lease agreements/option agreements.


  • Negotiate and secure any required easements or right of ways.

Utility Land Acquisition


  • Temporary Construction Easements


  • Permanent Rights of Way


  • Right of Entry Agreements


  • Field Support


  • Survey and Appraisal Coordination

Site Management and
Site Marketing


  • Review proposed requests for installation of wireless facilities or utility easements on private and government properties.


  • Manage tenant/licensee installations to insure it is performed to contract specifications.


  • Market buildings and properties to prospective tenants/licensees.


  • Negotiation business terms of agreements.



Site Auditing


  • Site Auditing of Equipment


  • Lease Reviews


  • As Built Drawings


Land Use Services


  • Perform preliminary zoning analysis.


  • Research jurisdiction submittal requirements and processes.


  • Preparation and filing of zoning applications (if permitted by law)


  • Testify at any required hearings or meetings, and represent the client at any community meetings.


  •  Obtain final zoning resolutions for clients records.

Permit Expediting


  • Completion of all necessary applications, including, but not limited to, building and electrical.


  • Filing application with municipality and tracking receipt of permits.

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